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  • Rather than being prescriptive on content, the New Zealand Curriculum prioritises key competencies so all children can be lifelong learners.
  • New Zealanders paid $1billion in voluntary school donations between 2000 and 2014. Half of it went to decile 9 and 10 schools.
  • New Zealand’s top students perform among the best in the world in international PISA tests. But child poverty means our proportion of children who don’t achieve is also high.
  • New Zealand teachers are among the most professional in the world, says a TALIS report.
  • NZ's early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, was considered a world-first when it was developed in the 1990s. It is still an international leader.
  • New Zealand students and educators rate near the top in the developed world for using digital technologies, according to OECD research.
  • Around 10% of New Zealand children receive some special education support. In Finland, the figure is 30%.
  • On average, educators spend $300 a year of their own money on resources for students, a survey of 250 NZEI members found.

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The winners of the Kaboom art competition have been announced. The judges have reported that the artworks and video were excellent and, in some cases, confronting. See the link to the judges' reports here.

Here are the winners of the artwork:

Early Childhood

Our Neighbours by Ivy, Mia, Felix, Oliver, Charlotte, Sienna, Amy and Alice from Hira Kindergarten.
A splendid collective artwork telling us every thing we need to know about what a pukeko looks like.

Year One

About me by Sovannary Samnang from Glen Eden School.
This was a strong image that tells a story that moves across the world and across cultures.

Year two

Tiger by Felix Shen from Endeavour School.
Here Felix has done a very convincing observational drawing of a tiger.

Year Three

Collaborative Lion by all 72 of the year 3 students from Cashmere Primary School.
In this big bright picture each student was given a small piece of a picture that had been cut up. They each had to copy their part of the picture as closely as they could and then they put pieces put together to create big version of the original picture.

Year Four

City Landscape by Emily Wright from Long Bay Primary School.
An engaging print of a city and its reflection on a watercolour background.

Year Five

My Whanau by Capri from Rewa Rewa Primary School.
Capri shows us that painting can talk about sad and difficult events.

Year Six

Leaving Russia by Alisa from Glen Eden School.
A bold, clear, colourful painting that tells the story of a journey across the world.

Year Seven

Pop Art Portrait- Hannah by Hannah from Berkley Normal Middle School.
A pop art self portrait inspired by the work of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Year Eight

Matariki-Campbell 2015 by Campbell Pareanga from Hauturu School.
Matariki in the style of an Australian Aboriginal dot painting.

Video Winner

The Crazy fruit bunch by Ephraim Frame.